FAA Academy College Credit


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Referencing Page 8 of the FAA Academy Student Information Handbook, found here on StuckMic.com (http://www.stuckmic.com/miscellaneous-aviation-information/414-faa-atc-new-hire-information-pg5.html), I have a question regarding accreditation and college credit.

Being a recent college graduate and hoping to delay the inevitable and pay back student loans when I have a salary better suited for making the payments, I'd like to know if anyone has found a way to claim that they are enrolled at least half-time as a college student while taking classes at the Academy.

There is a list of classes that qualify for credit here: http://www.academy.faa.gov/catalog/ACE/AMA500_College_Credit.htm

ATC Terminal/TRACON/En Route Basics counts as a 10-credit course at the FAA Academy and Intro to Radar Control counts as 3 credits (I'm TRACON-Only). That's 13 credits on paper over a 2-month duration that qualifies as being a full-time college student in the eyes of any student loan lender (Sallie Mae, etc).

My 6-month grace period clock would restart from the time I finish attending college to the time I leave the Academy, buying some extra time to save up some money and relocate and maybe get up to D1 or D2 in terms of FAA pay scales before loan repayment begins.

Has anyone been in a position to do this before or have any suggestions, recommendations, or advice on what do to or who to contact to see if I could convince my student loan lenders that I am legitimately enrolled as a full-time college student until I go to my facility? Once at the Academy, would Student Services be willing to help me with a situation like this, or should I attack this head-on by myself? Thanks for any and all help. I searched the forums before posting and came up dry.