Are you saying 'don't do LASIK' because it is too risky or because it isn't necessary? What I'm trying to say, is, if you can do it, why not?
Read what Doug posted about the United pilot who got a bad Lasik job. It's not the same as a bad nose job, an obvious face lift or the occasional crooked boob that we see out at the strip clubs hehe...I'd rather be a 4 eyes flying for UAL!! Doug thanks, you scared me straight!
No problem!

I know a pilot that had LASIK that has extremely poor night vision -- almost to the point that if the FAA ever tested night vision, he'd lose his medical without a doubt.

In the 1970's, pilots with glasses were almost taboo, but I'd say it's about a 50/50 split between pilots that wear glasses and those with perfect vision.
what about PRK.... has any body heard of horror storyies about PRK... the Navy allows PRK.. and if needed.. u can get it done to be selected for an officer program that can allow an enlisted personnel to be a Naval Aviator( or someone in the civilian world to be an Aviator). My old CO "Commanding Officer" told me it was possible and that he knows pilots in the Navy that had it done( because their Eye sight Got worst) and that when i get my degree that i could get it done also.. It was now possible. 1 year ago it was disqualifying but now it is acepted by the Navy.

Lasik is not allowed in the navy but they allow PRk and some pilot appicants have had it done to qualify..( their are some officers in the medical field that do perform these operations)

My question is I know that Lasik is bad .. and I'v heard about how bad it can get.... but what about PRK.. which has less problems, and less horror incedents???
Do not take the risk of LASIK...your eyes and your vision are NOT worth it.. I had eye surgery and problems with my eyes and let me tell you they are very sensitive and painfull. LASKI can ruin your career and life if they mess up or it doesnt work. LASIK is also a newer procedure. We dont really know what the long term affects are. There are just to many ifs.
That's an interestinjg question. The problem with LASIK and night vision is related to the beam diameter of the laser used for the operation. PRK uses no laser but there might be other complications.
I would think PRK would be more risky...from what I know it uses knives instead of lasers...wouldn't that be more of a risk, to lend your eyes to the unsteady hand of a doctor rather than a precision laser?...
Of course I could be completely wrong, and PRK is nothing like that. I dunno.




If you get a bad prescription, you can drive down to your local optometrist and have it corrected.

If you get a bad LASIK o PRK procedure, your only alternative is a blind man's cane...
I was just curious, would any airline not pass you for your medical if your prescription was high? The FAA allows you to obtain a first class medical regardless of your prescription, but do the airlines think twice if it is high? In Europe, the JAA doesnt allow you to get a medical if your prescription is any higher than -3.
Don't worry Doug, I won't do it. Too much risk. Besides, my girlfriend said I look kind of cute in my new glasses!
In Europe they call snails a delicacy....Who cares what the JAA does?! Last time I checked my certificates said FAA.
Re: II had Lasik

I wore glasses for more than 20 years. I had lasik surgery 7 months ago. The only problem was the habit of reaching for my glasses in the morning and not needing them. I now have better than 20/20 uncorrected. If you hire a doctor with the lastest equipment you will not get night vision. Check our Tylock vision correction in Irvin Texas:great service, low price. With today's technology, there is no reason to be tied to glasses or contacts the rest of your life.
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