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My understanding is that contacts do tend to hold the eye in shape, preventing or at least mitigating further astigmatism. Not sure that's true for near or far-sightedness.

I've worn contacts since I was in high school, so I've gotten rather used to them. Glasses are not as good if you have a significant vision deficiency, but if you're just slightly nearsighted, they might be fine. I've never had any trouble with wearing contacts at any time of day/night, but again, been doing it for decades.
I hate wearing glasses. They always seem to be smudged. I’ve been wearing contacts since the 8th grade and really don’t mind them. Unless they’re getting towards the end of their month, once they’re in you can’t even feel them (giggity). I have been thinking about lasik lately. Putting them in and out in a nasty freighter is probably more likely to mess up my eyes than a laser robot.


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Costco is a good place to go for consumer friendly prices. Although Warby Parker has been around a while too. Just avoid the drive by night place in town, they're often twice the price of Costco. If you know your duty and rest periods ahead of time, contact lenses are easy. Long days and uncertain schedule makes it tough to plan when to put them in and take them out.

If you don't already wear sunglasses while flying, the frames of the glasses with break the seal on an ANR headset and you'll notice it sounds a little different.


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Ask about the new lenses inability on certain screens- uncertain, but you can have issues viewing some new stuff.


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I had LASIK done in 2013, and I've loved the results. Contacts and airplanes were not a good mix for me, I found - too much of the contacts drying out. Unfortunately lately I've been noticing my left eye seems to be declining again, so I probably need to get an eye exam and maybe get a LASIK touch up just in the left, or a very minor prescription. AME gave me a pass back in May, but it was marginal. I also was 20/15 in the left and 20/10 in the right for awhile after LASIK so I may still be 20/20 in that eye but I notice the difference... I know when I had the LASIK done initially he said I had thick corneas and that plenty would be left for a touch up if needed. However I'm also 35 so..... I'm not sure how many more bites at the apple I get and it might be worth just having a minor prescription for awhile to see if it keeps getting worse.


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Contacts are great...unless you sleep in them. Daily wears are my favorite. Don’t get transitions, unless you want to keep your virginity...