Experience with TPAS


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Im wondering if someone has actualy used any of the portableTraffic Alert Proximity System [No TCAS] like Monroe or Sureteck and if they perform as advertised .
Thank you jetman
One of the planes at my FBO has a standalone Monroy TPAS box (can you believe it!?! in a trainer!?!)

It detects traffic very well. If an aircraft with a transponder is within about four miles, it'll give the old "traffic traffic" until you get annoyed and switch it off. That's about it. No direction or relative altitude.

Now the Garmin GTX 330 Mode S Transponder, on the other hand, is what I'd prefer. And all bandits --err-- "other aircraft" are displayed in a plan view on a GNS 430/530 (MSRP for the setup is $15,000 to $20,000)

Did I mention you can snag a TPAS box for about 3% the cost of the Garmin setup?
Thanks man,after some VERY VERY close encounters i know i need ALL the help i can get to detect the bandits and was hopping that this system helps ,tnx for info on the Garmin GTX i ll keep playing the loteries waiting for yhe BIG jackpot $$$$$$$$$$$

regards jetman