Examiners in Central Florida


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Hello all,

Forgive me if this has been address previously but can anyone shed some light on your checkride experiences with examiners around the Central Florida area? I'm trying to find some new examiners and/or more info on the ones that I know like: Ken Luckett, Diego Alfonso, John Azma, William Ball, Phil Greco, just to name a few. Thanks a lot to all that have some info.
John Azma did my CSEL and CMEL rides...good guy, fair and if you know what you're doing, it will be a short and concise ride.
I did my initial CFI (CFII) with Steve Clegg. Very fair ride, didn't make it into a game. If he saw what you knew what you needed to know, the item was completed and he moved on. I did my commercial multi with Joesph Haines. Been a while since I did that, but I can't remember any real issues with him, seemed fair. Took my seaplane ride with Trip Wacker. Really nice guy, fun ride, easy to work with. Made the whole checkride process enjoyable.

The only other rides I took in Florida were with people who are no longer DPE's in the area, TCE's in a 142 operation, or FAA Inspectors, in the case of my airship ride.