Everyone... must... chill...

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Mike Lewis

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It's the holidays, and it's the busiest part of the travel season.

What does this mean for you? Well, Doug is NOT going to be in the mood to deal with the flame wars.

Okay, so here's the thing; if you have something dealing with aviation, post away.

If you have a beef with someone on the page, PM that person, a moderator, or an administrator.

I ask for the sake of the site, that everyone just let the hot/flaming issues drop for now. The thing about Eagle, about the President, anything else controversial: just let it drop until Doug can address it.

And I am going to go ahead and LOCK this thread, so it doesn't turn into yet another flame war...
Ahh yes. The terms of service of the website. You got a beef with someone, let a moderator know. If you've got a beef with a moderator, let another moderator or ME know.

If people start calling other people "out" in the General Topics, without even addressing me, the friggen owner of the website and the one who bears 101% responsibility for such, you degrade my website.

Wanna call someone out in the squawk box? Caveat emptor.

Like I said in a previous thread and Copaman said it best, I have a tight schedule until I get home, no laptop to babysit the forum and I'll start taking names and numbers if I see a big stinkfest in the forums when I get home.
Not open for further replies.