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Loan approved, App, documentation, and deposit in the mail...barring anything bizarre and unforseen, it looks like I'll be joining you in Vero for the Pvt Audit class! WOOHOOOO!!

One thing not clear yet is the Evaulation checkride that students with a PPL have to take upon arrival.

Can anyone tell me when in the process this is done? Upon arrival? After the PVT audit? During?

Also, what aircraft is used for this? Most of my time is in a C-172...do I need to go out and check-out in a cadet/warrior (assuming that is what is used) before showing up?...what are the consequences of not doing well during the evaluation..is this something you can bust?

What exactly is checked ?

Thanks to everybody down there for your input on my questions!

Hey welcome aboard...when are you starting? I'm in the Jan 3 private audit. I can't wait to get down there!

Out of curiosity, where do you plan to stay upon arrival? I've been talking to Dennis Fowler, the housing manager about the apartments, but he wasn't sure about vacancies.

The eval flights are done in a Piper Warrior Cadet. I've done most of my work in a C172 as well, with a few hours in the Warrior. I really like the Piper, it's just a little different.
Thanks Paul,

I'll be starting on the 3rd as well...I am also looking into the apartments on campus, depending on vacancies....at least temporarily.

I can't wait either!
Its called "Step 1a"

It consists of 3 flights, the first one is just a local dual to get you familiar with the aircraft and local area. The 2nd is a cross country into Orlando Class B, and one final local flight to brush up on private manuevers.
Its by no means a check ride, simple familiarization with the airplane and FSI procedures. All their looking for is that you can fly to private pts standards and plan a XC into challenging airspace. You can't really fail, all that happens is you request more time to work with your instructor. This is usually done around the time you end the private audit.

The transition from a 172 to a cadet is not that drastic, just remember to switch the fuel tanks..........
Also, it's been recently changed that you can begin flying as soon as you get your instructor. Previously, you had to wait until you finished your private audit. For that matter, once you're finished with step 1a, you can go ahead and get started on step 2 (mostly solo x-c) if you feel comfortable doing that. Personally, I didn't find the private audit all that challenging, but I did learn a couple of things (mainly about the CR-3 computer). But that being said, I had a great instructor in Chicago and I just received my private last September so things were still pretty fresh in my head. Not really much to lose since it's free and all...

Words of advice:

Get a copy of the PA28 checklist that FSI uses and get familiar with it (using the expanded checklist). Start committing the boxed items to memory.

If you get a chance to practice before you go, make sure your private maneuvers are all up to PTS. Use the maneuvers guide from the FSI checklist to make sure your follow FSI procedures (motto: My way or the highway.)

Good luck.
Hey guys - I am 95% sure I'll be in vero for the Jan. 3rd start date. Just did the tour last week, and was really impressed. My cuz just finished up there and showed me around a bit. I am coming in with 160 hrs, PPL and inst. rating. However the bulk of my flying was done about 10 years ago (career changer). I recently got my BFR, which is the first flying I've done in 7 years. FSI tells me this is not a problem, that I can get current again and audit either the Inst. or PPL class. I was advised to audit the inst. class, since the comm. and PPL are very similar. Does anyone have any advice on this? I have been studying PPL tapes/books to get back in the swing of things, but my IFR skills are really rusty. I think it will take a good bit of flying to get those skills back.

Also - I've been checking apt. listings in vero and plan on heading down there in mid-Dec. to hopefully find a pad. There seems to be quite a few options - I've heard the dorms are not the best deal.
I would strongly advise you to get current before you reach VRB if possible. They will expect you to be Private PTS level from the get go, and if you are not, you can expect to repeat some lessons. You'll save money by getting proficient before you get there.
I would also grab a current copy of the FAR's and spend a few days sequestered (sp?) in a room reviewing parts 61 and 91. Aside from everything you mostly likely have forgot, a lot has changed in the last 10 years.
Hey guys thanx for the reply. I did get my BFR for the PPL aspect, and have been studying to get back up to speed. I do have a current FAR/AIM as well. The instrument aspect is more of a concern for me. I guess it would be a good idea to get my IFR back in order before I go, sounds like that is the cheaper way to go. Thanks for the info...
If there is some intrest in getting a copy of the PA28 checklist that FSI uses, feel free to email me at n2o2diver@hotmail.com. I will scan them and make a PDF file and forward it to those who are intrested. Of course this should only be used as reference as updates are routinely issued.
I scanned the complete Warrior Cadet Checklist and the Seminole Checklist. They are posted for download on a website. The previously version I sent to a few people was incomplete. Sorry guys, please download the new version from:




These should only be used for familiarization as I will not be updating them. Please ensure you get current copies from the bookstore!!!

I tried to keep the files as small as I could so the images are a bit shabby.
Hope these help!