Essential Tremors


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Hi, I was just wondering if essential tremors would put a stop to me becoming an airline pilot? ET runs in my family, with my grandmother having a severe case of it, while my dad, who I believe is starting to get it, judging by the look of his writing. I'm 18 years old and I too have noticed that when I raise a glass to my lips the glass starts to tremble, or when I hold out my hand my fingers individually move.


It should not eliminate you. You will need an evaluation by a neurologist to be reviewed by the FAA if the AME thinks the tremor is too bad.
Thanks for the quick reply, I assume it would be the same then for in Canada. Basically I am just worried about spending all this money on flight training, as I heard ET gets worse with age.
Im sorry to bump this thread, but I have another question. I have noticed that my tongue quivers when I extend it out of my mouth.

After reading around the internet, I found that this could be a symptom of hyperthyrodism, along with flushed cheeks which I have. So I was wondering if they would have tested for hyperthyrodism in the class 1 medical?