ERAU Application essay questions...


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Hey folks.. i'm going to apply to ERAU although the deadline already passed. They still have a rolling admissions. Even if i cant go thie fall, then i'll try to get in for the following semester. Anyhow, on the application online they have 2 essays to choose from:

1.It's the year 2050 and you are reflecting back on your accomplishments, What are you most proud of?

2.What significant event in aviation history has influenced your educational direction?

Does anyone know what kind of length, etc they are looking for? thanks.
Hey Ian,

Don't know what they're "looking for." But, I was accepted and my essay was about 2 1/4 pgs long. Everything I've read about college essays says that you should be TRUTHFUL (don't create a story), be to the point, and most importantly be yourself. I labored over my essay for 2 months cause I was so worried it wasn't good enough. But hey, all the worrying for nothing.
dont know if this helps but I wrote nearly a page at font size 10. I was excepted for the Aero Sci. program. I choose the "Its the year....."
I guess all they believe in is quality not quantity. Just wirte a good honest essay, and rely on your past records too.
Good luck to you, and fly safe.