Era Supervisor of Flight

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Era Helicopters LLC Lake Charles, Louisiana:
* The SOF is responsible for assisting the Director of
Operations, Assistant Director of Operations,
Operations Manager, and pilots with flying
* Monitor aircraft movements, weather conditions, and
advises pilots of current and potential hazards that
may affect normal operations;
* Deploy, elevate or rescind Operational Warning
Levels based on forecasted weather, PIREPS and
observed weather as applicable;
* Review NOTAMs, Warning Area Activities, and
Temporary Flight Restrictions (TFR) daily and
advises pilots and operations personnel of their
impact for the daily flight operations if affected;
* Cross check the Daily Status Report, pilot Schedule,
and Contract Assignments to ensure they all match,
and reconcile differences as appropriate;
* Assist pilots in flight or on the ground with
operations questions;
* Obtain and relay DVFR/IFR flight plans, position
reports and ATC clearances as applicable;
* Supervise the Communication Specialist;
* Ensuring that all aircraft are secure and accounted
for at the end of each day;
* To assist Operations and Communication Specialist in
locating missing or overdue aircraft;
* Publish, distribute, and reconcile MOTAMs;
* Continued updates of aircraft status to all
departments and customers;
* Update and monitor the Daily Duty Time form (Ops-31)
for pilots at single aircraft bases, remote
locations or offshore and provide detailed weather
briefings if requested by the pilot;
* Other duties as assigned by the Director of
Operations, Assistant Director of Operations, or
Operations Manager.
* Commercial/Instrument Pilot, or ATC experience
* Rotorcraft rating preferred;
* Gulf of Mexico experience preferred;
* Experienced IFR preferred;
* Working knowledge of computers as well as MS Office
* Intermediate to advanced weather knowledge and
flight planning;
* Must be able to multi-task in stressful environment;
* Good situational awareness;
* Supervisory experience preferred.

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