Entering term deferrment. Help!!!!


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I had recently been excepted to Embry Riddle Daytona for the Aeronautical Science porgram.
But I have just recieved an email from the campus telling me that they have no more seats for the Fall 2001 term and I ahve the choice to defer my place till spring 2001 or choose another major.
I am solely interestd in flying and earning my FAA ratings.
I am now ina dilema as I ahve no idea what to do, could anyone out there please help me out??
Are there any other Majors offered at ERAU Daytona with which I can earn my flying ratings as well (similar to the Areo. science program).
I appreciate any help you guys can give me.

Thanks a lot.
A little advice...

Defer until spring. My brother is at ERAU in Daytona. He's staying with me right now for the summer and taking classes at the local community college and finishing his instrument rating at a FBO in town. He's saving some MAJOR cash by taking 3 classes this summer and the flying is a little cheaper here too.

If you can defer than do it and get into your major of choice. He can fly whenever he wants (good luck doing that now in Daytona!) and the classes transfer. If there's a halfway decent FBO closeby you can get your PPL AND knock out a few classes for the same price, better yet, cheaper than in Daytona. Then head down there and do what you have to do. You'll set yourself up for a lighter classload and if you can't get up in the air when you want you'll still be on track to finish up on time!

Thanks for the reply. I think that deferrment seems to be my only choice.

I live in the united Arab Emirates and I am currently working on my PPL while I finish my A levels. I planned on finishing my PPL and then going to Daytona to earn my IR and the rest of my ratings there. Flying here in the UAE is pretty expensive and it is relatively cheaper in Daytona.

You seem to indicate that it is pretty hard to get flight time in Daytona right now. Could you please give me some more details about this situation.

Looks like Im gonna havta sit tight, keep current till January. Once again thanks for your reply and your help.

The number of students in Daytona is very large. You will get flight time, but not as much as you would somewhere else. But it's still the best aviation university around.

The good thing about it is when you begin to instruct you can get your hours quickly.

You said flying is expensive in UAE. Isn't everything?

Good luck!
Thanks for the info, it does seem that ERAU is the best option and I will hopefully be able to get in there soon.
Life in the U.A.E is relatively cheaper for somethings adn pretty damned expensive for other things such as flying..it comes out to about a $125, which is pretty expensive compared to US prices.
Have you ever been to the UAE?

Thanks for the info.

Never been to UAE. I guess the closest I've been is Jerusalm or Nairobi.

125$ an hour? What are you flying? If it's a trainer than that's a rip, but if it's a step up than it's worth it. I started out on Piper Cherokees and Cessna 152's at about 65 an hour with an instructor. It's not much cheaper at ERAU, but the quality is better and the planes are really nice. Moving map GPS, the works. And you fly into a controlled airport which really gives you practice from day 1.

Good luck with the flying and let me know if you have any questions.
I fly the Piper cherokke a PA-28-161. Its pretty basic (w/o GPS etc..).
The reason for this is that this flying school is one of two schools in Dubai therefore because of the lack of competition their prices are high. Flying here has one advantage though, I fly at Dubai airport which is a pretty busy airport and it is excellent experience. Thanks for all tyour help once again.