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Hi All,

I have been searching for training for a while and like the look of ATP so far. I am going to schedule a 'field trip' in a couple of weeks to their Phoenix location. But, I have a question about the enrollemnt process. Can you tell what is involved? The brochure stated there is also a test on aeronautical knowledge. As I am at zero time right now my aeronautical knowledge is fairly limited. What needs to be done to prepare for this?

Thanks for your advice.


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i'm pretty sure you don't have to take the test if you have no prior flight time. you would enter the private pilot program in jacksonville prior to the acpp which would be at a location of your choice. during the interview you'll recieve a tour, and get a chance to ask a lot of questions about the program. the instructor might ask you a few questions about your goals, where you might want to go through the program at, etc. that's about it. there is also a quick sim. ride but i think you'd also be exempt from that being that you've never flown. good luck. it's a great place!


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I live in CT, and am interested in the ACPP program, but in Ft. Lauderdale... instead of FLYING down there to take the test, could I take it at their other location (say in Trenton or Washington DC?)


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If I recall from when I did the tour, I was told that you can interview/test at any of their locations. Give them a call and ask. I'm sure it's a question they have had before.



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you can't do the acpp in ft. lauderdale. that location is just for add on ratings. at least it was when i finished the program in september. as far as florida locations go, you can only do the complete acpp in jax., or stuart. unless they changed it.


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I just finished the last of admissions process today. I can give you my situation and hope it helps as a guide:

I only have a few hours logged in so I would like to do the 60 day PPL in JAX (this is the only facility they teach the 60 day PPL program). I believe the longer PPL (4 month) program is taught at all ATP facilities.

Because I live in FL, I had the opportunity to visit and tour the JAX facility, ask questions, and get some feedback from other students. I suggest if you live in another part of the country is to call the 800-number and schedule a tour of your local ATP facility.

Because I am taking the PPL program at ATP and plan to do the ACPP the interview and testing ($100 fee) is waived. Since you are in the ATP PPL, I believe ATP will evaluate your performance for the ACPP. Be careful some of the guys at the 800 number have a misunderstanding for people coming in on zero time and plan to take their PPL at ATP need to be tested and interview for the ACPP. I was told (Jim K) this miscommunication would be cleared up soon so that everyone will be on the same page.

If you plan on doing the Key-Loan for part or all of your training call the 800-number and ask for Diane in finance dept. The application process takes less than 10 minutes and approval is instant (providing you call when banks are open to give approval).

If you have not been out to the site lately the PPL prices have changed. For the 60 day PPL at JAX it used to be $4,995 + $1,000 for housing = $5,995. Now it is one price $6,995 which includes housing and now they are throwing in all the other extra stuff (manuals and videos) you had to buy separately. I’ll let you know what I get for the PPL when my “box” comes in the mail in a few days.

Hope this helps out


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the only place you can do a private with ATP is at jax. the longer (4 month ) private can be done at various ATP approved fbo's around the country. not at the ATP locations themselves. that is unless they changed that also. but i doubt it. most locations are way too busy to train people for the private cert.


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We're now offering the ACPP at all locations as a self-paced program (without housing), but the 90-day ACPP locations have not changed. FLL is a traffic nightmare, I'd highly recommend Stuart instead.

You can do the interview at any ACPP base, Manassas (Washington) being the closet to CT. I believe we will also do interviews at the smaller offices in the aircraft, for a larger fee.


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yeah, I just had a talk with one of the instructors... .get that... one of the INSTRUCTORS! Thats pretty impressive.

I now am worried about the after-3 month-period, if there will be any jobs free etc. I do not want to move back home.


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I'm starting the ppl program March 1st and have already received 2 boxes worth of stuff. In the first box I got
1.Jansport Back pack
2. 5 ATP polos
3. 2004 FAR AIM
4. Private Oral Exam Guide
5. Private Pilot PTS
6. Cessna Pilot Safety and Warning Supplement
7. 1975 Cessna 172 Owner's Manual
8. Airplane Flying Handbook
9. 1 pamphlet from the FAA regarding seatbelts

That was just the stuff for the PPL. I wanted to get the writtens done so I called and asked the to send me the Gleims as weel and they sent me:

1. Instrument Pilot Gleim
2. Fundamentals of Instructing Gleim
3. Commercial Pilot Gleim
4.Flight Instructor/ground instructor Gleim

Hope this helps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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I sent my deposit in in late November or early December. But looking at the documentation they've sent me it looks like I'm paying $5,995 for the ppl.



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Hey Smokey,

I see you are in Vegas. Is this where you are going to train after the PPL or are you going to train at a different location?

I'm heading out to Vegas in the beginning of Feb to tour the Vegas and possibly the PHX locations. Have you visited either of these school locations and if so, any thoughts or comments?



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Actually I just left Vegas 2 weeks ago and now I'm in Houston, Texas studying and taking these writtens. I have been to airport where ATP flies out of in Vegas, but I've never been to the actual building. The only other ATP locations I've been to are Jacksonville and Houston. As for me, after the Private pilot program I'm doing the ACPP in Dallas, Texas. Thoughts on Phoenix.........................I haven't been to ATP Phoenix however, I did visit Pan Am in Phoenix and it was VERY BUSY, I think it would be an awesome place to train...Ask CaptainBob he just left that location to instruct in Dallas.



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New and improved PPL "box" came in today:

1 Paper work from the main office
5 polos
1 ATP backpack
1 Private Pilot Practical Test Standards
1 Private Oral Exam Guide
1 Pilot Safety and Warning Supplements
1 Cessna 172 Owner Manual
1 FARs/AIMs (2004)
1 Airplane Flying Handbook
1 King Private Pilot Videos and Knowledge Test Course
1 Jeppessen Part 141 bag of books and stuff (Just like the government now I own two of them!)

I am going to see if I can get a credit for the Jeppessen Kit since I already own a current one. If not Ebay!