Engine problem


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Does anyone know the cause of the DVT Pan Am aircraft that lost its engine on final today? The plane made the runway and evidently restarted after landing. Was there an engine problem?
When did this happen? I was flying from about 1pm to 2:30, and at the Terminal until about 5:30, and no one was talking about it...

Was it a seminole or Archer/Arrow? If it was a seminole, it could have been a single engine approach, as it seems one of our Examiner's likes to pull, and I mean FULLY pull, an engine on final during checkrides.
This happened on Friday (2/6). It was a single engine (not sure if an Arrow or Archer). The pilot radioed the tower that he had lost power, and put it down on the Chevrons. The prop stopped turning when he was coming in. He got it restarted on the taxiway and taxiied in.
Where did you hear this news? No one at PanAm knows anything about this incident. No plane was squawked or checked out by maintenance for engine failure.
Sitting in the runup area, happened in front of us when waiting to depart. Was glad they made the runway, maybe it was a mixture problem or something since they started it after they landed.