Ending my "sabbatical"...


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Good evening all. This is rather lengthy as I am trying to avoid the "it's none of your business, just give me a job" post.

My sabbatical backstory: I got my PPL here in Buffalo, NY in mid-'06 just before going down to Riddle, where I earned my instrument, commercial, multi, and CFI/II. I worked for Riddle from late '07 to December 17, 2008. I saw several students through the private, instrument, and commercial courses. Despite developing very good relationships with several students and learning a great deal about aviation, I felt unfulfilled, and let my sloppy academic habits carry over into my instruction job. A great deal of interfering factors came between me and my passion and I lost my way. Once sleeping in, unpreparedness, and general indifference became the norm, I decided it would be in everyone's best interest to take a break.

To keep this post honest, I must admit that my father paid for Riddle. I am very emberassed about this and contribute it to my reasons for falling apart there, particularly given our not-so-genuine relationship. Enough said about that.

When I get back into aviation, I want to be in a smaller operation where I feel like my thoughtfullness, hard work, and attention to detail will make a difference. I'm not one for the corporate culture, and believe in individuality. Ideally, I would be in a smaller airfield situation where I could be involved with maintenance, shop upkeep, charter flying, and instruction. I want to work my way into a position like this, as I know it would be very gratifying.

I am working at a Benjamin Moore store in Buffalo, and have had this job since February. I like the environment and am content working here until I find a new home in aviation, be it next week or two years from now. Our customers know me and I feel that everything I do (or don't do) makes a difference. This is the kind of mentality I'd like to have in my aviation career.

It's been a very good break for me and I feel I've done some meaningful growing up. I've learned a great deal about financial responsibility, respect for self, thoughtfulness, and personal relationships. I wouldn't change what I've done for the world, but it's time for me to get back to my calling.

Long story short... I have a lease through 10/31 here. I'm going to be doing all I can over the next two months to find a new home in aviation and saving whatever cash I can to facilitate a move to a more instruction-friendly climate. I am considering the entire south of the country, from Arizona to North Carolina. I do not have a car and rely on public transportation and people power, so a good climate and close housing is desirable. I will jump on a line service job (and have done line before), would be glad to do a maintenance apprentice gig, and would be thrilled to work my way back into instructing.

Please PM me if you have any leads on anything, and thank you for bearing with me for this rambling reflection. It's been a fun road and I'm just thankful to have clarity again with regards to where I belong.

First of all congrats for what you accomplished at Riddle. Not any and everyone can go through and make pass the "Riddle Runaround". I know. I'm a 1987 grad of the Daytona Beach campus. Don't sell yourself short. Not everyone can make it at Riddle. There are so many distractions in the Central Florida area that it's crazy.

Second, don't be ashamed that your dad paid for Riddle. Consider yourself blessed. Take time to work on yourself and I guarantee you as you get older and wiser, it will occur to you that your Dad was right all along. Give him credit. He's been where you are now. I had to pay for my own college education and it was worth it. On the other hand, my parents have agreed to pay for ALL of my flight training. That's right......ALL. That's roughly about 40K-45K. Do you think that I'm concerned about what anybody at jetcareers or APC thinks about that? I couldn't give a rat's a$$$. I'm in a good position. I don't go around bragging about it, but I glad that I come out of training w/o any debt.

Third, get back in the saddle.....and that's with anything in life....not just flying. I think that it's commendable that you recognized that there were some serious issues that you needed to address and that you address them. You have a plan too, and that's good. Put your hand to the plow and move forward. Only look back momentarily and then decide what you can do differently this time. Don't build monuments to your past.

All the best. Blue skies.

To keep this post honest, I must admit that my father paid for Riddle. I am very emberassed about this and contribute it to my reasons for falling apart there, particularly given our not-so-genuine relationship. Enough said about that.

Being frank and candid are great qualities in a human being, not just a pilot. You will no doubt find work if you continue to act in such a manner.

Please don't ever apologize for your lot in life. Using your fathers help as a spring board to a happy and fruitful life is just as honorable as toiling away unassisted. Two roads, same destination. Anyone who says they wouldn't have taken their parents assistance instead of paying $40k in interest alone is either a liar or very bad at economics.

Now, start assuming you better than everyone else because someone paid for your way and that's when things turn ugly.