Employment options of ATC positions


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Hey peeps,

I am currently 25 years old and have run into a wall in my flying career. Have had to take anti depresssants for a medical reason unrelated to depression. Was wondering what my options were in the field of ATC. I have my 4 year degree and have researched AT-CTI schools in my area that can give me a leg up. I am not sure if this is necessary to become a controller, but I am searching for the quickest path to becomming one. Any ideas, facts, advice will go a long way. Thanks!


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I would first start by calling an ame that knows the atc side of things and making sure you wouldnt have any issues on that end. Right now it doesn't look like they will be hiring off the street again any time soon so cti or going into the af/navy would be your choices. Obviously you arent getting any younger so I would recommend a 2 year cti program that you could maybe get done with even faster. Nothing is a guarantee though and things are starting to move with hiring but they could just as easily stall again. So you always take a risk. Make sure that if you pursue this you never leave other opportunities behind. You should do this while keeping your hand in other things.


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FYI, anti-depressants are an immediate disqualification for ATC. I know current controllers have to be off a minimum of 90 days, i am not sure about a new hire.