Empire Benefits and Misc Questions - Caravan


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Recently offered a Caravan position, and have a few questions:

1) How much are the Christmas bonuses on average?

2) How much are the quarterly profit sharing distributions on average?

3) Are the non-rev travel benefits limited to certain airlines?

4) Is there a path to move to the ATR side, and if so, could it be directly into the left seat assuming min quals are met?


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I already meet the 121 PIC mins. At the moment the caravan job is a better fit with my personal life.


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I guess if the place you want to live has a Caravan, that makes sense. The schedule of a based pilot is nice, but the ATR has some based runs, too, and the QOL is hard to beat if you are willing to live in base. Pay and time off will be a lot better as ATR PIC.