Emergency in KY


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Anyone who can turn on the news should watch for an emergency landing by a Lear without gear. I got this news from MSNBC, so I dont know if they will have a live feed of it or not.

From what I heard, the Lear has been circling and also made a low approach to have the situation checked out by officials on field. The damage to the gear supposedly happened on take off, debris was left on the field when the aircraft departed.
Learjet Braces For Emergency Landing At Kentucky Airport
Tires Blew On Takeoff
A Learjet that blew two tires when it took off is bracing for an emergency landing at a Kentucky airport at this hour.

Emergency crews are standing by, awaiting the landing at Blue Grass International Airport in Lexington. A call was made from the jet reporting trouble shortly before 7 a.m., WLKY NewsChannel 32 reported. The jet made a fly-by near the airport about an hour later so officials could make a visual inspection. That's when they determined the landing gear was damaged.

The jet, with a pilot and six passengers aboard, is flying above the airport to burn off fuel, which will lighten its load and make for a safer emergency landing.

The landing is expected to take place between 9:20 a.m. and 9:30 a.m.

No other information is available.

Please follow WLKY NewsChannel 32 and TheLouisvilleChannel.com for updates to this story as they become available.

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Well that is not exactly the story as told on MSNBC (if you can imagine that). Why not just dump fuel, unless that is what they did and this reporting agency is clueless as well.
MSNBC got their news from the link. That is how I found the news station.
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