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Hi Everyone,

I just found out today that I have been accepted at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University in Daytona Beach. I was just curious what you all thought about going there, their reputation, cost etc... I also applied to Purdue, but have yet to hear from them. I am very interested in attending ERAU this fall, but I have made no commitments as of yet. I have wanted to hear from Purdue first. I am just exploring all my options for the fall and I just heard from ERAU. I am looking at either Aeronautical Science or Air Traffic Management @ ERAU if I go there this fall. Just curious what everyone thought. Thanks!


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Well done on asking advice.

As a previous ERAU potential student I say go the other way. They are interested in one thing and one thing only, your money. If you desire to be a pilot it does not matter where you go to school or what your degree is in, just that you have your ratings and a college education. It could easily cost you over 100k when all is said and done at ERAU and I do not feel that cost is in any way justified.

If your goal is to be a pilot I suggest finding a good state school(cheap) and get a degree in something non-aviation related like business or education. While in school take lessons at a local FBO and have fun while doing it. You should be able to get all your ratings in a few years then begin instructing while still in school.

Spend a few hours reading over some threads about getting into aviation and life in aviation. You will find a few common suggestions.
-Get your ratings as cheaply as possible and pay as you go if possible.
-Have a back up plan.
-Do not get into it for the money because the money will not be there for many years.


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I consider going to Riddle a mistake. But it's all been said before if you care to search around. If you honestly spend some times with the search function and still have questions, I'd be willing to get into it again. Doug went there, too.


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I went and loved it. I would do it again, but not sure if I would at today's prices. As others have said, read the previous posts. Many people get very emotional over ERAU, even non-ex-students, so you may be opening up Pandora's Box with your question.