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I'm a junior in high school and looking into getting my PPL this summer. I've looked into the ERAU Summer Camp 'Sunflight Eagles'. Its $12,500 and they say that you can earn your PPL by the end of that time. It sounds expensive, but is there something special about it that makes it worth that huge amount? Any advice, should I go to a part 61?

I don't know what the program entails, but $12,500 is a lot of money for a private. I got my private part 61 for around $4,000. Then I went to a larger flight school for the other training. Riddle is a good school, but 12 G's for a private?
I attended the Sun Flight Instrument program last summer. Allow me to give you the rundown. The private pilot program was proken down into 3 stages.

>Pre Solo and then a Stage 1 check
>Pre Solo X-Country and a stage 2 check
>Checkride Prep and End Of Course check

Everyone who did the private finished except for one kid who got kicked out for having a 6 pack of beer and one girl who bounced on her first solo landing and had a propstrike. The whole program is run by Ted Potter. During the regular year he is the director of ground training. He is a crazy old guy but he has been there and done that when it comes to aviation. You will attend an ground class for the written exam and a regular college level class for the aeronautical knowlwdge portion of the training. I did the instrument in 8 weeks and there were six of us. We all finished. The great part about the program is that you are totally immersed in your training so there are few distractions. I could go on forever in detail....if you have any more questions, you can e-mail me at N9103M@hotmail.com


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Even though Riddle's training is good and all, I would never pay 12k for a PPL. Id taker the part 61 route and spend 4-6 thousand.
with that price you could get your PPL & Instrument with a couple more hours.

... I hope that course is worth your money..

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Now in that price, included is food, boarding, trips, all flight fees and books, and some trips to parks and stuff to unwind.

12K is alot but, you don't have to spend a penny while you are there if you want.

In that price you can get a ppl and instrument at any CT fbo. CT actually has some nice places to learn: windham aviation, robinson aviation, action air and from what I understand brainard has a pretty good one. I got my ppl from chester charter, and found that training in ct can be quite fun. I too am going to florida to get airtime( actually this summer in ft lauderdale), but that is for finishing instrument commercial cfi cfii and multi. For a ppl you will save a lot by staying local.

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I read all of the postings and my brother is your age and might be attending ERAU, but he will obtain his PPL here in CT at Windham Aviation (as well as myself).. I've checked around and they are a pretty good school. They are part 141 and are very structured with approx. 16 planes and offers all ratings up to ATP.

Where in CT are you ?

I have to go with the consensus on this one. I could buy a plane and train you for that kind of money! More money does not always mean better training. Plus, the end result is the same. An FAA pilot certificate is an FAA pilot certificate whether you do the training locally or at some pricey university.