Embarked on a great Journey today!


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Hey folks,
After about 18yrs of being afflicted with the bug of aviation...I took my first flight lesson at the age of 20
I finally have the money set aside and decided this summer while im off from college for these couple of months that I will tackle getting my PPL which I have always wanted! Im flying out of my hometown airport, Pensacola Regional (KPNS) using the nice PA-38 Tomahawks. This was not my first in a GA aircraft as I have tons of hours flying with my roomate who has a cessna 170, but this was the first with me being formally trained. You should have seen my smile on the face as I got to zoom around over Pensacola beach and practice the basics of flight such as simple turns etc. My instructor felt very confident in my abilities and let me fly most of the flight including the pattern and approach into the airport short of touching down. I look forward to practicing my takeoffs and landings...should be interesting with our costal winds My next lesson is slated for tomorrow weather permitting, and I cant even sleep haha. That is how bad I love aviation
Anyhow it was a great day and I felt that i had to share it with all of you guys here.
This place is great and I have learned so much info off here....Thanks !
Ah, the mighty aviation bug! Glad to have another fellow pilot to chat with... good luck with your training, dont let bumps in the road stop you. I have had my share, Ive been working on my PPL for 2 years now, but it hasnt stopped me and im still an aspiring commercial pilot. Keep us updated.