Electronic Logbooks?


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Anyone out here use an electronic Logbook to suppliment their paper copy?
If so, what program do you use and at what cost($)? I have been looking for a while and everyone says, "Yeah, I have been meaning to get one but, ..."

I just can't find anything that I like. Mainly because all of the descriptions are very vague and I am curious as to layout and use of ease.

Logbook Pro has great PDA support.


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Cool, I've always pondered using one for logging.. Not sure if it would make anything easier or not.

With my horrible handwriting, it'd probably be good to use and transfer to my logbook slowly when I get home
Been covered umpteen million times. Do a search sometime.

Then go to www.logshare.com

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I think it's valid to bring up a topic that has already been talked about. New people are always coming along and old JC members have new experiences to share.
LogbookPro has a free trial period that's good for 50(??) entries. It took me a while to decide if it was good enough to pay for, but I eventually paid $100 for the desktop and PDA versions.