Electrical Engineering at ERAU (Copaman, please chime in!)


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I've had probably six questions from different people about the EE program at ERAU. Would you care to suggest the program or should they run the opposite direction, as fast as possible?
I would recommend the program, but expect what you are getting into.

Why would I recommend ERAU's EE program?

Well, for one there is about a 4-1 student/faculty ratio. My biggest class was Freshmen year, when I had 48 in my class. My friend Malcolm who transfer to Arizona had his smallest class of 300 his junior year. And there was NO way I was going to make it through EE without all the extra time I spent with the faculty really learning all the stuff that was only touched on in class.

Also, everything at ERAU is geared towards aviation. Most of the material is geared towards the communications side of the house, and so you'll learn lots about VORs, transponders, GPS, radios, etc. You won't be as proficient in large-scale power generation systems or toasters, but you'll learn the basics about that, and the avionics focus will give you an advantage over others when trying to get hired by an aviation/avionics company.

And when I was at Riddle we could blue-card observer flights in exchange for fixing simulator components. And you could always pay an air science student some gas money to fly you to Vegas; they get hours, you get a trip to Vegas - everyone's a winner.

By expecting what you are getting into, you better LOVE math. EE takes math and cranks it up to 11 and turns it on its head. Calculus is just the tip of the iceburg...

Downside? The EE program is only at Prescott, so you can read through the ERAU forum and get an idea of the social life in Prescott.

Yeah, I'd recommend it. And if anyone has any additional questions, feel free to PM me!