Electric Attitude Indicators


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Do electric attitude indicators have pendulous vanes? If not then how do they correct themselves after precessing? The reason I ask is because I understand Pendulous Vanes to use air from the vacuum system in their operation and minus a vacuum system I cant see how they would work.

Source or some type of article? I would like to learn as much about this as possible. Thanks!
Try these for more insight:

Thanks JB. Interesting how one of the articles you posted said:

"Model 4300-202/-203 Electric Attitude Indicators employ an efficient electrically driven internal vertical gyroscope assembly incorporating a special air erection mechanism."​

While another said;

The erection mechanism is also different (it works on the principle of magnetic induction rather than unbalanced airflow), but has the same effect of applying a corrective force at right angles to any gyro tilt, causing the gyro to precess back to plumb.

Anyone else have thoughts on this?