Effects of the economy

Ruff T

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I was curious to find out how the economy is affecting some of my fellow CFI's out there. I can say that in the North East - Boston area to be exact, the number of students has significantly decreased, and continueing to fall because now some of the people that could get loans to fund their training are having a hard time getting them. I unfortunately started teaching right before the economy really started to become the number one issue and people couldn't spend money anymore. Right now most of my students only fly once a week, and some twice, which is usually during the weekend. I don't have that many students, so my schedule during the week is very spotty, and it hurts to look at my paycheck. The owner of the flight school that I work at says that we have to be available to work 6 days a week (full time), so it makes it tough to get a part time job :banghead: cause I try to take any student I can, even if I have to come in for one student a day. I was wondering how you guys out there are doing.