Effect of Delta scope on ASA hiring?


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Check out http://forums.flightinfo.com. A number of posts indicate that Delta's new scope clause will slow down hiring at ASA. ASA already has many pilots in backlog. Gas prices are on the rise (ie airline industry slowing)

How will this effect the ASA direct track program at FSI and the Airstage II at ATA?

So far, it hasn't affected FSI's program at all. Just having to wait for class dates at ASA once classes start again.

I read in several places, this board included, that ASA is no longer using ATA's program. Don't know how true it is.
I was looking at different programs (ATA & FSI) last week. I too got serveral different answers to the ATA ASA relationship...so I called ASA in Atlanta and spoke to one of thier pilot recruiters. The guy who I spoke with stated that ASA had terminated their relationship with ATA and that FSI was the only school with which they were currently associated. Additionally, per the pilot recruiter, that ATA was susposed to have removed any ASA info from thier advertising & that he had recieved several calls regarding this topic. He also stated that ASA was just at FSI about a week ago interviewing about 10-15 students. I spoke with someone at FSI who stated that ASA is still hiring, but may not have start dates until the summer, and that even if ASA deal breaks, that she was sure FSI would "take care" of their students...