EARU courses


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Hey! I'm 14 and very interested in becoming a commercial airlines pilot. I'd like to know what courses I should take at ERAU. I'd also like to know if at the Arizona campus, if they give you your flight training right at the school. (This may be a dumb question, but I'd still like to know) Please reply with any info.
The classes that you need are outlined for you; there is very little "selecting" of classes done. I would suggest that you focus on getting good grades in high school. When you get your drivers license, don't do anything stupid. The choices you make now will reflect on your overall maturity level. Yes, you can do your flight training on- campus. Here in Daytona it is even required that all students do flight training with the school. Not sure about Prescott.
Thanx John! I know I'm young and that I should concentrate on high school, but I'd like to decide now on what I want to do about how I'm goin to learn how to fly. Thanx alot for the info!
In PRC you can do your training at the school, but you also have the option of taking your training with one of the flight schools at the airport not affiliated with ERAU. You take a few general core courses and choose 3 aviation/aerospace related minors and get a degree in Aerospace Studies. You still get the name of Embry-Riddle on your resume (always a plus) and you can take your actual flight training with another school that is most likely cheaper than taking it with Riddle. It all depends on the person making the choice. I have several friends that have done that and they get mixed results, either they love it or don't. Hope that helps.