Eagle Jet Aviation, Las Vegas. BeechJet 400A


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Hey guys...

just wanted to post up that our company is looking for a Beech Jet SIC.

Need to be current and qualified for 135 SIC and either living in Vegas or willing to relocate. The job can also be found on Climbto350.com and maybe a few other sites.

any questions, please feel free to ask.


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Currently we are looking for someone who is current and qualified and willing to do some contract work....so a current 8410 from CAE Simuflite would be required.

Time frame is pretty soon, as we are currently without a F/O on the beechjet.

As for the pay and benefits talk. Pay would be around the $40K range with zero benefits. Due to the economy, everyone at our company lost our benefits to help us keep costs low while things are slow.

Most days on the beech jet will be a single out and back flight, generally one to two flights a week. You will be home every night and will be expected to work with the Captain on keeping the airplane clean, stocked and up-to-date on chart/nav updates.