E-mail addresses at TAB


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I was wondering if anyone knows what the e-mail addreses for the Director and Chief Pilot at TAB Express was. If you know I'd appreciate the info!
I certainly hope no one answers this post!

The LAST thing I want (as a chief pilot) is my email address put on a forum!
Okay, well .. I guess you are right Mr. Tenney. How about if you know the e-mail addresses you PM them to me? I would really appreciate it! I am wanting the addresses because I would like to send them a resume, but they are only accepting them via e-mail (No Fax, Calls, etc.). Thanks ahead of time for the info!
I believe TAB has a facility for sending resumes on their website.

If an email is posted there, then it is ok to use it. If you get a manager's email from someone else, without permission, you risk sending an uninvited email. Imagine how many unsolicited emails these guys get!

They (rightly) resent someone sending them an uninvited resume.

Imagine if you can this scenario:

Here is a hard working chief pilot dealing with silly little pilot problems all day. That's what chief pilots do. Here comes an email. Oh look! ANOTHER resume! <delete key!>

If the company is hiring they will go through the HUGE pile of reumes that were brought in from people who work in the company. If they are out of those, then, and only then, will they make an announcement that they are "accepting resumes."

Spamming cheif pilots with resumes is not a good way to get started in the industry.

I suggest you do this, find someone you know at the school/company, email them a resume, and ask them to "walk it in."

You'll have a much better chance of getting it read, believe me.