For Sale E-Logbook binder


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I previously sold one of these on here because the company shipped an extra when I originally ordered. I tried to return the extra but was unsuccessful.

I've decided to sell the remaining one since I no longer need it. I now use FedEx Kinko's to print my logbooks. Its cheaper and not as professional but it gets the job done.

This particular logbook is in pretty good condition. The hardware that holds it all together is in good shape. The outer covers are mostly perfect except for a small scuff on the back.

I have a few sheets of the pre-drilled white paper left (estimated 40 sheets) and a whole 150 sheets of pre-drilled logbook green paper. I bought the green paper ($30) so I could re-print the whole thing on nice green paper for an interview but ended up not using it.
Link to the binder.

Link to the green paper.

Since the company sent me the binder for free basically, I'm not looking to make any profit off of it. I did just purchase the paper for $30 and I'd like to make that up if possible.
I'll give a brief review of the binder to help you decide. I think it looks great once you get everything tucked in there. It has a professional presentation that's not too over the top. The big drawback and main reason I'm selling it is because the paper. It uses pre-drilled paper and the holes that are proprietary. At $30 for 150 pages its just too much for me. I ended up printing and binding it at Kinko's for cheaper.
If $35 shipped sounds fair, respond below or PM.