Dyson bladeless fan...


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Mr Dyson and his team of fluid dynamics engineers developed the technology behind the bladeless fan after studying the performance of an earlier Dyson invention, the Dyson Airblade commercial hand dryer that uses sheets of clean air travelling at 400mph to dry hands far more quickly and efficiently than rivals.
A team of fluid dynamics engineers spent four years running hundreds of simulations to precisely measure and optimise the machine’s circular aperture and airfoil-shaped ramp before perfecting Dyson’s Air Multiplier technology.
“We realised that this inducement, or amplification, effect could be further enhanced by passing airflow over a ramp,” says Mr Dyson. “And of course this was the point where the idea of a bladeless fan became a real possibility. Here was a way to create turbulent-free air and finally do away with blades.”
I saw this and thought "jets"


Sweet...so in near future I can have a 300 dollar fan to go with my 600 dollar vacuum cleaner? Can't wait!
It still uses some sort of bladed fan to suck in the air and push it through the airfoil-shaped, hula-hoop duct thingy.
A normal fan:

Energy -> (blades) -> large amount of air moving slowly

"Bladeless" fan:

Energy -> (blades) -> small amount of air moving quickly -> (duct) -> large amount of air moving slowly

It's a cool consumer product idea. As an aerospace guy, though, I am more interested in a specific fuel consumption and thrust to weight comparison between equal diameter devices.