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I'll be attending PAIFA in June 2004 and I've begun apartment hunting. I just wanted to know if there are any good complexes where most of you guys live(d) and/or what experiences anyone has had with apartments in the area.
Well, as the wife and I came to understand, unless you are willing to spend big bucks on an apartment in Scottsdale, or commute from the newer suburbs, the existing complexs aren't that great. We are at a place called the Retreat. It looks very nice from the street, and "looks" rather well kept, but that all changes once you move in. Turns out this place is a hot bed for the students at the motorcycle mechanic school around the corner. So, expect roaring motorcycles at all hours. As you will find out, Phoenix in general, is the worst place for having your car stolen. Ours was stolen about 2 weeks after we moved in...gated community and all!!

So my recommendation, if you are willing to spend a couple hundred a month extra, find something in Scottsdale w/ a garage. If you are penny pinching, and are not too concerned w/ crime, there are apartments aplenty down here. The school refers everyone to a guy named Don DeWitt. If I had his number I would give it to you, but the school should definitely have it. He was great in fitting our budget, he just didn't tell us about the crime problem.. :-(
I went apartment searching a few months ago and learned a lot about the complexes. Talking with people about their experiences, I learned that I didn't want to live in any of the complexes near the airport. There's some decent apartments along the 101 in Glendale (51st ave and west). We decided on a great place in Scottsdale, it's the most expensive place we looked at but, it's worth it. There's 3 of us living in a 3-bedroom and it's almost affordable.
Thanks for the responses, I think Scottsdale will probably be the best bet too.
How long of a drive is it for you guys from Scottsdale to DVT?
My drive from Scottsdale is about 15 min. I go opposite rush hour in both the morning and the afternoon, so it works out great.
I took a look at some Scottsdale apartments apartments online. Scottsdale extends so far north and south, would you recommend any certain area to look in?
I found some that seem to be around grayhawk in northern scottsdale, but i'm not sure how the commute would be from there.
I would recommend looking in the northern part of Scottsdale. Its really nice and not too far from DVT. Just do whatever you can to avoid living in north Phoenix. This area is a sh*thole!!! I currently live on Bell Rd. and in the past month there has been a car stolen out the the parking lot of my apartment complex, two car break-ins, grafitti on the walls, and a few shady characters wandering around the complex at night. And this is one of the nicest complexes in the area!!!. I also hear police sirens going up and down the street for most of the night. Hope this helps you refine your search!
Thanks guys, all of your responses help a lot. If anyone knows or lives(d) in any good complexes in north scottsdale, some names of specific complexes would help.
Thanks again
I live in the Lofts at Grayhawk. It's very nice - quiet and secure. I drive about 15 minutes each way. The real rent price is less than what's advertised online.
Some have garages, some don't. I believe that all the garages are attached, and I think only certain floorplans are available with a garage. Every apartment comes with 1 covered parking spot, and there's always open uncovered spots. Next door is the Enclave at Grayhawk and they all have attached garages, but they also cost more.

I could walk down and get a current price list if you'd like. What are you looking for: 1, 2, or 3 bd?
Thanks panamguy,
I called and talked to someone at the leasing office and got the current price list. The garage thing isn't a big deal, i just don't want my car to be stolen or broken into. It seems like other people in north phoenix have crime problems at their complexes.
Do you have any problems/complaints about the lofts?
I don't worry at all about security up here in North Scottsdale. North Scottsdale, specifically Grayhawk, has a much different atmosphere/personality than North Phoenix. Grayhawk is surrounded by desert, which gives us a natural boundary. I've lived here for 4 months and I have no complaints about living here. Security and serenity were the main things I was looking for and that is what I found here.
Sounds like what i'm looking for, thanks again panamguy.
One more question for you though, are refrigerators included in the apartments? I've had a few that weren't and it was a real headache.