Dumb question about recurrent/sim rides


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Doug (or anyone flying 121, for that matter),

On the way to work today I got thinking about our most reent gear problem which then somehow led to an question about your recurrent training ...

Do you guys practice gear-up landings in the sim?
We almost always get a total hydraulic failure that leads to cranking the gear down by hand once per recurrent. There have been times where one of the mains collapse on landing leading to a lot of noise and an execution of the long winded emergency evacuation checklist that we are supposed to have memorized...how does that go again. But I don't recall ever doing a complete gear up.
One of my friends did a partial gear landing on recurrent before, I remember him telling me about it.
I havn't, but I did hear that some of the other people had a scenario in which one of the mains was not down and locked, and, as a result, failed on landing. From what I heard, it is very impressive to see a simulated cartwheeling airplane.

I think that this is probably not practiced routinely because, as emergencies go, it isn't a huge one. In the cartwheel, there isn't much that you can do. In a gear up, the landing isn't much different from a normal landing. A simulator probably wouldn't be able to distinguish the differences. Typically, practiced emergencies are labor intensive for the flight crew.