DUI charge from 6 years ago causing issues with medical - HELP!


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Hey Doc,

So here is my situation...

I'm a student pilot trying to get my medical so I can solo. I have a DUI from 6 years ago. A year and a half ago I tried to get my medical, the AME deffered to the FAA. The FAA CAMI gave me a list of requirements to fulfill, one of which was a Substance Abuse Evaluation since my BAC was >.15 (it was .21). I fulfilled all the requirements except this one, since the cost of a HIMS Psychiatrist was like $400/hr here in LA, I couldn't afford it. So I basically gave up at that point. Again, this was a year and a half ago.

Now I'm really set on getting it before the end of the year. I read in this thread In reference to SAEs http://forums.jetcareers.com/threads/substance-abuse-evaluation.120313/ that you don't neccessarily have to use a HIMS doc, you can use a qualified addictionologist who is familiar with aviation standards. This is much cheaper (about $300 for the whole thing).

Now for my question. Do I need to go to the AME again and re-do the medical process? If I do, knowing that I will surely still need the SAE, can I get that done and sent to the FAA CAMI beforehand? Or do I need to wait to hear from them once the AME defers?