Drunk Cap'n Question


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Drunk Cap\'n Question

Hey Everyone,

How would you answer the drunk captain / captain who doesn't follow procedure question on an interview?


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In order of escalation....if the first one doesn't work then go to the next.

1. Confront the captain...ask him to remove himself from the trip (have him call in sick or otherwise).
2. Call the union's professional standards chairman.
3. If these don't work...call the chief pilot, station manager etc..
4. Remove yourself from the trip.

Bottom line....do not get anywhere near an airplane with the captain in question and give the captain every opportunity to remove himself from trip.
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The above is absolutely correct. Give him/her a chance to redeem themself, and recognize their mistake. If they are persistent, then you have attempted to be reasonable and offer them to help themselves. At that point it is your duty to ensure they do not fly the trip, and a call to dispatch (remove yourself from the trip, state why) and the CP's office (explaining the situation).

If it is known to be a persistent problem (you know the captain has called in for trips previous due to same alcohol issue), then going directly to the CP may be more prudent. They have a definite problem with alcohol getting in the way of work.
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First of all, I hope you notice it before you get on the airport property. If the captain insists on going through security ... RUN! Do NOT go through security with him!

Those TSA nazis are just waiting to catch a pilot with booze on their breath, so they can be USA Today's hero of the week.

You might bring that up in the interview, too, with a question like: "Captain, do you really want to walk by all those TSA pukes smelling like a distillery?" or words to that effect
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Well many times you won't meet your captain until you get to the aircraft (or at least the gate). If it's an overnight, hopefully he didn't go out without you the night before!!
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Good point Matt. Although lately the question asked is about being on an overnight and the captain stays in the bar longer.

That's how I've got it lately.

It's one of those classic questions. When I am doing the interview I like to act like I'm the captain in the crew van and have the FO challenge me.
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If you knowingly fly with a cremember under the influence of alcohol, better update your resume!
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What if you were the FO and smelled alcohol on a flight attendant...would you follow the same procedure?
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What if you were the FO and smelled alcohol on a flight attendant...would you follow the same procedure?

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