Drop Zone - Various Aircraft


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That is a cool video. How do they direct the planes/choppers where to go? GPS? or are they just assigned a specific area and told to contain the fire?


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It depends on who is in charge. If it's a state of CA fire, the state has the air attack direct the lines (usually by description), the Feds will use leadplanes to lead the air tankers in. Here's an example of following the lead in.
If it is initial attack on the fire, the tanker is given a rough GPS location and then the pilot decides best attack on the fire. Fixed wing tankers aren't usually used for dropping on the fire, but laying down lines tied in with natural fire breaks, to prevent the fire from spreading. Helicoptors with buckets of water attack the fire directly (usually).


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Where was that 2nd video taken? Looks like home to me....also looks kind of like N414RM lead...