Dreams of a two-year old...


Ancora imparo
My two-year old grandson loves sports, especially baseball. He likes football, basketball, soccer, etc too. Basically, anything that has a ball. He can catch and throw baseballs and footballs, and can even hit a pitched (tossed) baseball with a bat. He also likes to look at airplanes and play with toy airplanes, and he usually looks up when one flies over.
So, he's sitting on the floor watching one of his favorite movies, "Everyone's Hero" and I ask him what he wants to be when he grows up, expecting him to say something about baseball. Instead, he jumps up puts his arms out and back like they were swept wings and yells out, "I'm gonna to be a JET!" and starts running around the house making loud jet noises with his "wings" out!
Hahaha! Kids are so funny!