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What an amazing aircraft to see in person. It was sitting next to the main road at ANC all day today:rawk:


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Cool bird...I took some pics of it down in CHS last week...it's in and out of there every week. Finally got to see it take off..


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I used to work for Evergreen. The Dreamlifter is mainly used to transport parts for the 787. You see them a lot between CHS and PAE.


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hmm, couple more fuselage plugs, beefier gear, new 380 motors maybe a little bit bigger wing... Then cut some windows and voila, the all new 797 giving giving the A380 some run for their money.


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I think the conversion work was done in Taipei. The Zone was inline for delivery this month if I remember right.

I flew in to CHS and saw it down there in my previous life. I asked who was down there, and I guess it's Chance-Vought.

I don't know what part of the furlough-hire-furlough cycle the Zone is in...:whatever: