Dr. Visit


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On a recent form for ATC Med, my husband listed all the dr's he had seen in 3 years. We thought the one doctor was over 3 years ago, but it ends up that it was 3 years ago in September. Is there a way to right this; is this something to even worry about? He had stated that dr. visit (it was a routine physical) on a previous Airmed and they pulled those Airmeds to make sure all was kosher. Our insurance changed and we haven't went back to that doctor since the visit in September 2005.

I don't want them to think we are trying to hide his Liver Enzymes, we listed them as a problem (and providing more info on that now). The enzymes would have been the only thing in that doctor visit that would have come up...like it has at every doctors appointment in the last 6 years.