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I made my way over to concourse C in Denver International Airport the other day and noticed they hung up a Lear Jet! It looks really good hanging in there too. My question is how in the world did they ever get it in the building? Must have come in pieces.

Of course I had to snap some pictures of it LearJet Picture
Wow!! I was expecting to see a model of a lear. Not the actual aircraft. I bet that was impressive to say the least.
STL used to have a replica of The Spirit Of St. Louis (I think it was used in several movies) and one of Lindy's personal aircraft (I think a Taylorcraft) hanging in the main Terminal above the main security checkpoint. I think they've since been moved to the Transportation Museum in West County.
yeah, that thing looks pretty impressive hanging there. I've always thought that those wires looked pretty flimsy :). Is this the first time you've seen it? I think it's been there since DIA opened if I'm not mistaken.
I was over there about a month ago and didnt notice it hanging in there. I am sure it is fairly new. The thing that really got me was how big it is and how there is now way they could have brought it in from above as there are way too many beams up there. It must have been brought in one part at a time from another entrance somewhere. Very cool to see, thats for sure!

I think we need something like that over on the A concourse. all we have now is some stupid looking railroad track that leads to mars or something?
Really?? I could have sworn... I'm almost positive that I saw it there years ago. Could they have moved it from concourse B? (or maybe A) I KNOW when I was there in early april and again around mid-may I saw it. Someone tell me I'm not insane...
From what i heard, it was just donated a while back and as of a year ago it was still flying around. im not quite sure when it was put in there but i do know that it was not there back in february. Maybe you are thinking of the one over on B? i dont think that is a jet though?

either way, im glad they hung it up there and i wish they would do more like that. perhaps allow all the taxpayers the ability to see it without buying a ticket. afterall they did help pay for the airport.
Wow...I second that! Now I have something to look at while bored at work today...nice job Tim!
Thanks guys, I work out at DEN and there is a fair amount of down time between flights so instead of sitting around getting cancer or whatever some of the full time people do, I walk around the airport with my camera snooping around and seeing what i can get into. Its a fun hobby and I have met some cool people through it and learned alot about the airlines too. Nothing like being on the clock while taking pictures for fun!!

I just read something about it in the Rocky Mountain Post...It's a Lear that broke a record for something....I will try to check up on it.-Brett
I just read something about it in the Rocky Mountain Post...It's a Lear that broke a record for something....I will try to check up on it.-Brett

[/ QUOTE ]
Owned by Bill Daniels, this Learjet on Feb. 28, 1995, was the first private aircraft to land at DIA. Also held the Biz-jet record for flying around the world in a little over 49 hours.

[/ QUOTE ] ...from Tim's comments at