Doug- MD-90 falling apart?


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Hey Doug, I got the chance to cruise around the ramp tonight and happened to see on of Delta's MD90s (N911DA) sitting out on the side of con-C at DEN.

At first I had no idea what it was as it looked sooooo old but it had those massive engines on it... never realized how big they were, almost looks like a 737 engine on it. The paint was flaking off nearly everywhere... It was really bad on the top of the fuselage above the delta logo. I dont think I have ever seen a plane in as bad shape as this one looked. The engines opened up with parts laying around didnt make it look too much better either. Did they just pull some of these out of the desert or something?
Delta as only 16 of the MD90's. At one time they were going to phase them out and that may be the reason for the old paint on them. We still have some 757's with the old Delta livery.
Since we're transitioning to a new livery, some of the planes that needed 'touch up' painting aren't getting it because they're waiting until they're completely repainted in th new color scheme.

Apparently, when we did some initial repainting back in the original Delta color scheme days, we went to a airliner version of "Earl Schieb".
The "Earl" jobs on some of the 88's and 90's does look awful. They dirt and grime shows up really bad. But I guess with the cuts those got put on hold.

Doug did you see or hear about the new benefit changes for non union employees. It can cost up to $300 a month for medical and dental for a family. They are reaming us and using that money to cover the executive pension money they paid themselves. It would have been easier to just tell us they are giving us a pay cut instead. That is basically what this equals.
ahhh that makes sense. why touch up when you are going to paint them all over anyway... good point. N911DA should be first in line though!

$300!?! holy cow! We have a ton of people that are full time here at Frontier just for the medical bennies. I talked to someone yesterday that usually works like one day a week and ends up owing money each paycheck after medical insurance for her family comes out. They seem to make it work though.

Just for myself, I end up paying like $11/week for medical and me being part time, it is one sweet deal! Hard to find part time jobs where you can get medical bennies. Not to mention the free flight bennies and the daily static displays on the ramp!

Usually its not a job, working on the ramp is kinda more like a hobby.
I know for kids you have to pay around $300/month for Cobra after turning 23 if you want to keep your current health plan...
I know there are quite of few Delta people who are completely shocked and befuddled about the new plan. I have got all the details in the mail yet that is just from what they gave us on a handout the other day. You know a teaser until they get the plan out. Last year was the first time we ever had to pay for medical or dental and it was bad. The old timers were gripping like you wouldnt believe.