Double Dip


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Congrats to Stormchaser for surviving Desertdog's house of pain for the past 4 1/2 months. He completed his training and passed both his CFI and CFII checkrides on Saturday.

Looks like his couch surfing butt needs to find himself a job now. :panic::D

He will be flying off a few more hours, and we will continue to work on a few things over the next couple weeks, but it has been a pleasure working with him. I am sure he will succeed wherever his adventurous life takes him.


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The truth of the matter is...

We ALL know that this "couch-surfing butt" is goin' to have a hard time stayin' put for too long! There's always somethin' to see, some dream to chase...

But he's right...I can now check one of those dreams off the list...

Instrument, Commercial Single/Multi, CFI, CFII, MEI.

Just under 5 months...oh yeah!!!

Time to go joy-ride in the sky for a few hours!!!