Dorm room phone service?


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For anyone who has lived on the Academy grounds, what kind of phone service is provided? Is it like most hotels where they charge you $1.50 to make a local call, or can you set up your own phone service with the local Bell company? Long Distance? Muchas gracias
None. You have to pay Bell to hook a phone in the dorm. A lot of students just use a cell phone instead of hooking up a landline.

If you use a cell, have a little consideration for your CFI and get a local number. I had several SPs with out of state cell phones. A couple of them missed lessons because they missed it on the schedule and I couldn't call them (FSA is too cheap to give IPs and dispatchers access to their long distance dialing code). SPs still get charge for the lesson if they miss.
I have lived on campus since July 1 when I started here and find the need for local phone service in the dorms. I need it to communicate locally with my IP, friends, etc. and also to access the Internet from home. I use a cell phone for long distance calls. When you arrive on campus all you have to do is call Bellsouth at 780-2355 and they will give you phone service to the room for about $17 a month. Since most rooms have had phone service before, there is no need for the phone company to send a technician. I had my phone service about three hours after calling them. I recommend local phone service as opposed to just relying on a cell phone.
Is the service per bedroom or per dorm? For example, I am trying to get into one of the 3 bedroom apartments. Would the line run just to my bedroom?
I live in a 1 BR bungalow so I am not 100% sure on this one, but I think it is per dorm room and not for each bedroom.
For local calls, split the phone with your roommates. If you're going to call long distance then get a calling card or mobile, as was sugested.