Don't Forget

Re: Don\'t Forget

How unselfish are those that have sacrificed their lives to go fight in a war for you and I? Those that have left their wife and kids, or husbands and kids to go fight for someone they have never met nor heard of. How courageous are those men and women that put themselves in the line of fire so that we may live in freedom? What an honor it is to have someone do that for me, and for that, I am forever greatful. Thank you to all our troops for giving my 4 mo. old son a chance to grow up in a country with freedom and liberty. You will never be forgotten!!!

When you think we have it rough because we can't find a job instructing or flying that dream jet, think of those over in Iraq or other parts of the world sacrificing themselves so that we have the oppertunity to do this as a profession. How lucky are we? Very lucky.