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Finally finished the ACCP at the Dallas location. Took the CFI single ride this morning, tonight I will be at Birraporetti's in Arlington for some hard-earned celebrating. You are all invited, of course.

Tomorrow it's off to the presses to update the 'ol resume, and out to the job hunt!
Congratulations!! That’s awesome. I'm considering the ACCP program at Dallas this winter and from your descriptions it sounds great. Have you submitted your resume to ATP? If so, please let us know how that process goes. I'm very interested in how long it might take for you to get a call back. That could go a long way to helping me make my decision about whether to attend ATP. Thanks again for all of your descriptions. Now, go out and have a great time celebrating!!!
... covered in BEES!

Good job, ya yayhoo. Go out there and legitimize yourself.

If you can't be good, be good at it.

See you on the ramp.

*insert StreetBeater here*
Thanks all!
Are the Travelscares taxiing by again?

Pokin- I have submitted my resume, and am waiting for "the call" not sure about how long it will take though, I'm gussing that the answer is the same as all other employment answers... "it all depends!!!"
I wouldn't let it worry you though, I'm sure the wait is more like weeks, not months.
Thanks for the info Jim. From your answer, I get the impression that you feel that you will definitely be asked to instruct it is just a question of how long you might have to wait. Am I reading you right? Is that the general feeling that most students who finish the program have? One other question. How many other students would you say were in the program at the same time as you? Thanks again for your responses and good luck getting the CFI position.

Well, "the call" is more like a wait to see if they want me to work for them or not. I won't know if I'm in 'till I get invited to attend training. Most folks who do the ACP program want to get hired, but it's understood from day one that nothing is guaranteed. Basically, be a cool guy and a good pilot and you should have no problem.
I'm not sure how many people were in the ACP program nationwide when I went through. At Dallas there were 9 at one point, so with 8 ACPP locations I'm guessing appx. 60-70 students nationwide.
Dallas was a great location, albeit COVERED IN BEES!!! (don't ask)

Dallas was a great location, albeit COVERED IN BEES!!! (don't ask)

[/ QUOTE ]

Of course you know... I have to ask!

Also... I have my interview with ATP in Arlington on Tuesday! Wish me luck!

Good luck!! And congratulations on the career change!!
I may be at the airport on Tuesday, and get a chance to meet you in person. It would be nice to shake hands with someone from the forum.

I was going to tell you to ask whoever does your interview about the bees just as a joke, but I guess I'll save them the embarassment

I think it's a line from a movie: "I like my coffee like I like my women, COVERED IN BEES". Someone who shall remain anonymous
said that around the office, and it kinda caught on.