Done with training


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I posted a few questions from the training I had to complete over the past two weeks below in the technical seton, and I saved some for later on as well,

BUT I just finished the course, in all it was between 80 and 100 quizzes, and 19 tests. What a PITA!! But all in all I did ok with a 97.1 average.

However here is the over all BEST question from the entire program, from the survival section… (I added the last one, wishing.. BEGGING that be allowed as one of the answers.)

The reason for the last answer is more pointed, when in the explanation after I got the question wrong…TWICE… was that Morning Doves (their spelling not Mourning Doves correct spelling) Mourning doves act just the opposite, and head to water with an inverse pattern…
So what exactly was this training for?

[/ QUOTE ]

Changed companies, and needed to do the 135 ground school again.
"When trying to find water, remember that quail will fly:"

It depends on if it's an African or European Quail....
Was this CTS online? is what my company uses for 135 currency.

[/ QUOTE ]

Yeah, a nice review for sure, a few head scratchers, and even fewer, "hey I didn't know that"s.

Next week it is company specific training, Thank Budda I have been doing this for a while, or it could get discouraging.
oh the answer was, in case anyone cares...

Toward water in the morning and away from water in the afternoon.