Does Embry-Riddle offer more internship opportunities and connections with the aviation industry?


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I currently attend Farmingdale State College majoring in Aviation Administration, which basically is an airport management degree with some business courses on it. What disappoints me is that the Aviation Department doesn't offer internship opportunities or connections with the aviation industry probably mainly for Aviation Administration students. We have to look for aviation jobs or internships ourselves. There is a local busy GA airport down the road from my college that I want to intern at. In fact, I think my college and that airport tried to establish an internship program for aviation students but that never come to fruition because of liability or insurance reasons. Other colleges with aviation programs on Long Island had interns at that airport. I had a very short stint interning at an FBO at my local airport last summer but I had to look for that internship by myself. It's the only aviation related work experience I ever had.

I was wondering if Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University offers more job connections and more internship opportunities with the aviation industry for aviation business students. Is the grass really greener down south? ERAU business students, your thoughts?


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Now aviation-related internships, for sure.

HOWEVER. I wouldn't count on any college for job connections because that really isn't their strong point. Not that they don't have job connections, but the most important connections that I made when I attended were my fellow classmates because for the last, what, twenty years past my graduation, we're still looking after one another professionally.

But you could make those connections anywhere, it's just that in an aviation-themed college, you're going to have more 'hits' than 'misses' in networking with your fellow alumni.

No matter where you go, it's up to you.