Do you know your history? (Part XIX)


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Sorry I had to get an answer in on one of these parts (I don't read Roman what is that 19 now ;) )

Keep the posts coming I love learning about all this stuff. Everyone always tells me that I grew up in the wrong age of aviation. I turn off the damn GPS and open my map and I would rather fly low and slow then high and fast.
Ohio, you are getting close...

another hint... might not need this one, but it is for the "common thread" portion...

After is all said and done, I will explain my hints... if you don't figure them out first...

I have a notion of the time/place it's from, but no specifics. I would advise those just a bit more well-versed than I to have a hard look at the engine and the shape of the rudder, though. Definitely a good one.
*drumroll please*

It is none other, than the Vought VE-7 Bluebird. The first aircraft to take off from an American aircraft carrier. The Navy was so impressed with the bird, they demanded such numbers that Vought was unable to produce sufficient quantities, which gave birth ot the Naval Aircraft Factory.