Do not have 20/20 vision


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I do not have 20/20 vision. Close up vision is great it's just the far away stuff that I cannot see. I have contacts and glasses. Both of which still do not make my vision perfect. My doctor has told me it's just not possible for me to have 20/20. Should I get a note from my doctor before I ever go to the PEPC stating this or is there going to be a form that I get at the PEPC that he will need to fill out??? I am just trying to come prepared and didn't even know if this plan was possible?? I am trying to be cleared as an Air Traffic Controller!!
You MUST have 20/20 distant vision (corrected) to qualify for an ATC position. I doubt they will employ you with vision that does not meet those requirements. Excellent distant vision is essential to controllers who work the tower.
I have vision corrected to 20/20. Is there a requirement for the vision without correction even if it can be corrected to 20/20? Or is it ok as long as it is corrected to 20/20? Is there any difference between terminal or enroute requirements? Also, is this different from a pilot's Class 1 or 2 FAA Medical? I have held both (currently hold 2nd Class).