DL's KSNA Procedure?


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DL\'s KSNA Procedure?

I have a question, headed for Doug, or any DL pilot out there.

I've heard about DL having their own procedure for the departure out of KSNA in Orange County, I know most airlines need to climb higher than normal, cut power dramatically and such. But I've heard that DL's procedure is much more drastic, and that it has been stopped because it was considered dangerous.

Is this true? And how it the departure preformed?

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Re: DL\'s KSNA Procedure?

1.3 EPR in the MD-90, scan the horizon for motor-powered kites, ensure "ACB" (Auto Cut Back) is armed on the autothrottles, release brakes, apply full power, at 800' AGL ensure throttles retard to the "cut back" power setting, hit 1.0 DME on ISNA, turn left to 175 (or follow the bay), follow the flight director bars to maintain V2+20 exactly, at the shoreline, apply normal climb power, continue!