Disptach in New York


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I just moved to NYC and just had my Dispatch license this year, Where and What can I do for work in new york city? thanks for for the help.


As stated, B6 is NYC.

Eastern 2.0 is a trip south toward Allentown PA, then you have Piedmont in Salisbury MD. Looking around the circle, I think CommutAir is a trip west in Cleveland(and currently hiring, I saw in another thread); then PSA is in Dayton and that's about all I know from memory.

Welcome to 121, and Good Luck!


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Don’t hold your breath on get a dispatch job at JetBlue if you just got your ticket. They don’t take newbies.


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B6 does hire newbies internally. Most internal hires have 0 prior DX experience. If you're external then you need several years of 121 DX experience.


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This must be new, because I heard directly from what I would consider a very reputable source they will not hire you into dispatch right out of school. Unless you are already a JetBlue employee.
Pretty much every class over the last few years has either been all or mostly internal with zero experience.

To gopherdx’s point, externals need experience.